Over the last year, we have developed the beginning of an immense multimedia library on Fatemidawat.com. In our continuous effort to make the material intuitively accessible, and in honor of the first anniversary, we have restructured and reorganized the sections of Fatemidawat.com. 

ABOUT: The About Section aims to give a clear and concise explanation about Dawat, its structure and its foundational principles.  In this section is the Philosophy Section (includes vision and philosophy of Dawat), Hierarchy of Dawat Section (includes description of Dai, Mazoon, Mukasir), the Historical Figures and Predecessors Section (includes biographies of previous Du’at), and an Affiliated Organizations Section (includes details about Zahra Hasanaat, QJSP etc.).  

RESOURCES: This Resources section has five main parts: nazaraat, bayaans, evidence of nass, frequently asked questions. The Nazaraat Section presents Aqa Taher (RA) and Aqa Burhanuddin (RA)’s shafaqat and ne’mats on Syedna Qutbuddin (TUS) and his family.  The Bayaans Section has videos and audios of sermons and discourses by Syedna Qutbuddin as well as sermons and discourse by his shehzadas. The Evidence of Nass Section provides a detailed explanation of Syedna Burhanuddin’s nass on Syedna Qutbuddin.   Frequently Asked Questions has categories of common questions and concerns regarding nass, current events, Islamic Finance etc. 

PUBLISHED SERIES: This Published Series section provides a collection of works published in English and other languages, which is considered authoritative by Dawat. It includes texts on pertinent and practical subjects such as the Principles of Fatimid-Tayyibi finance. The collection is regularly updated with new material. Most material is available for download as PDF.  The categories under this section are, Academic Articles, Dawat History, Ikhwanus Safa, Trade and Finance, Sijill Articles, Wajebaat, Women in Islam, Book, Theses, etc

EDUCATION: The Education Section provides information about Madrasa and Sabaq.  

PRAYERS: The Prayers Section is a new section that attempts to consolidate information useful to mumineen in ibaadat.  We are working on new layouts in order to present Amal details, and Qasidas, Marsiyas, and Salaams by month.  There is also a Hafti section, and a Translation, Commentary on Do’as Section. We are working on presenting these latter sections two in list format.   

NEWS: The News Section houses messages from Syedna TUS, as well as announcements from Syedna’s office, recent updates, events and more.  In this section, you can find Sijill (the newsletter), Announcements, Doa Messages, Events, and the Media Section as well.  

CONTACT: This section has a form that you can use to submit an arzi or to contact the office of Syedna for any reason. You can also register here to indicate interest in receiving updates and information. In this section, there is also a directory of all Fatemi Dawat centers around the world.  

A new comprehensive search tool on the homepage will also be featured soon.