Fatemi Dawat website available in Lisanud-Dawat, English, Hindi, Arabic and Gujarati

www.FatemiDawat.com now offers information, educational and religious materials in each of the above languages, seamlessly integrated into the same user interface that users are already familiar with.  As part of a constant endeavor to address larger audiences, the website now becomes multi-lingual and now has sections in Lisan ud-Dawat (the community’s distinctive dialect), Hindi, Arabic and Gujarati.

As the Quran Majeed asserts, every Messenger “spoke the tongue of his people” (Surat al-Ibrahim: 4). The purpose, as the ayat expresses, is so that they can explain, clarify and communicate to the people with clear bayaan (liyubayyina lahum) (Sijill Article 183 ‘The Language of His People’). Following in this tradition Syedna Fakhruddin TUS has addressed Mumineen in multiple languages. With his raza and doa, the Fatemi Dawat website team launched the multi-lingual website in an endevour to ensure that Syedna’s message – the message of Haqq – reaches far and wide to Mumineen in their primary language. The website homepage is now available in Dawat-ni-zaban, Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi and English. Content in the various languages will be gradually added.