Jihad is one of the seven pillars of Islam. It is compulsory. The Quran asks, “Did you think you would enter paradise without Allah Ta’ala first seeing who among you performed Jihad, or observing who remained patient in adversity?” (Surat Aali-Imran: 142).

Performing Jihad in one’s life and having patience in adversity – sabr – are linked. Only then will we enter paradise.

But what is Jihad? What is that struggle?

Rasulullah SA fought twenty-eight battles. When Rasulullah returned from one of the major battles to Madina, he said to his followers, “We have returned from the smaller Jihad to the greater Jihad”. The followers asked, “What could be greater than the battle we have just fought, where we risked our life?” What did Rasulullah SA answer? How does it apply in our lives?

This Majlis, the 14th in the Majalis al Hikma series, is the first of three parts in which Syedna TUS answers these questions. The first part explains the meaning of ‘the greater Jihad’.