It is well known that Eid ul Fitar is a very special day, a day of happiness, of celebration; but why? What is the wisdom in it? Why did Rasulullah SA proclaim the merit of Eid?

But first, when is Eid? When Rasulullah was departing for a battle shortly before Ramadan, the Muslims asked him that they earlier started fasting and broke the fast by following Rasulullah. What would they do now? Rasulullah replied, “fast by looking at him and break your fast by looking at him”. The Arabic can be understood as referring to looking at ‘him’ or ‘it’. There are many who understand this Hadith as referring to the crescent moon. But sometimes the crescent moon cannot be sighted as it is covered by clouds. And fasting is prohibited on the day of Eid. So how can some observe the last fast of Ramadan on the same day that others celebrate Eid. It cannot be both. Who is the true crescent moon Rasulullah was referring to?

Syedna TUS answers these questions in this Majlis, the 12th in the Majalis al-Hikma series.