There are many verses in the Quran Majeed in which Allah Ta’ala mentions the creation of the world. But many Ayats give different numbers of days of creation. In one instance the Quran says six days; in another instance the Quran states that the earth was created in two days, and then the mountains in four days, and then the sky in two days – in total eight days. Our Du’at have argued that a day is from when the sun rises to when the sun sets. If the sun and the earth were not yet created, how do you count days at all?

Why did it take any amount of days to for God to create the universe? Why would it take even a single day? That would be a sign of incapacity and weakness. Allah Ta’ala says of His own power in the Quran “whenever We will a thing to be, we say to it ‘be’ and it is.”

There cannot be any contradictions in the meaning of the Ayats – otherwise the Quran would not constitute the Truth and the Quran is the Truth.

What is the meaning of these verses and days? How long did it take God to create this world? How long ago was this world created? Why was it created?

Syedna TUS addresses these questions in this Majlis, the 33rd in the Majalis al Hikma series.