How can a Mumin pray with full sincerity and conviction? What is the wisdom in sincere supplication? What belief should you hold when you pray so that you obtain abundant blessings?

Our Hudaat Kiraam guide us to pray with sincerity, in sajda, to beseech Allah with the wasila and intercession of our Awliya’, to seek our Mawali Tahireen’s doa, to recite the doa-s that they have left for us. What is the wisdom in this?

Allah Ta’ala commands his worshippers in the Quran “pray to me and I will answer your prayer”. In this Ayat Allah Ta’ala also promises to answer. If someone says that I prayed but did not receive what I asked for, what is the answer?

Syedna TUS answers these questions in this Majlis, the 54th in the Majalis al Hikma series.