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USA – Poconos

5 June 2018

In the Poconos we are fortunate to pray Imamat Namaaz in the morning, afternoon and night.  Layali Fazela are around the corner:

  • 17 mi Raat Wasshaiq,  is on Wednesday,30th.May
  • 19 mi Raat Wasshaiq is on Friday  1st.June,
  • 21 mi Raat Wasshaiq is on Suday,3rd.June.
  • Lailatu Qadr is on Tuesday 5th.June
  • Aakhir Jumoa Raat ( Nabib na Naam) is Thursday 7th.June,
  • 30 mi Raat  is Tuesday 12th.June,
  • Eid ul Fitr Raat is Wednesday 13th. June,
  • Eidul Fitr   Namaaz and Khutba  ,on Thursday 14th June.

We invite everyone to join us at 126 Kettle Ridge Dr, Stroudsburg PA 18360.  If you will be coming, I request you to let me know via email at [email protected] or call/text at 570-977-4081.