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USA – Detroit

27 May 2017

With the raza mubarak of Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS Imamat Namaaz during Shehrullah al-Moa'zzam will be held in two locations within the greater Detroit region. Specifically, namaaz will be held daily at the home of Mulla Dr. Quresh Khairullah (Grosse Point) and Taha bhai Khokhar (Canton).

All are welcome and are invited for niyaz / jaman afterwards. For location details or further information including layali fazela, please contact:

Khairullah residence: 1-313-354-4586 or 1-313-886-4943

Khokhar residence: 1-734-547-5576

We are grateful to Syedna TUS for bestowing this nemat on us.

Submissions sent on the "Contact Us" page between 1st Nov - 25th Mar have not been received due to a technical issue. Please send your questions/araz again via the form or directly email info@fatemidawat.com