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USA – Boston

5 June 2018

Shere Ramadan ul-Mo'azzam Mubarak.

With Raza of Aca Moula Taher Fakhruddin Saheb (TUS), you are invited to join us for Imamat Namaz and Niyaz during Faadil raats and on Eid ul Fitr.

Please contact me for venue details: Dr. Fehmida Chipty, 508 397 9701, [email protected]

Schedule for Boston
Pehli Raat Ramadan, Monday May 14,  Time 7:45 pm
Ramadan 16, 17mi raat, Wednesday May 30, Time 8:00 pm
Ramadan 18, 19mi raat,  Friday June 1, Time 8:00 pm
Ramadan 20, 21 mi raat, Sunday June, Time  8:00 pm
Ramadan 22, 23mi raat (Lailatul Kadr), Tuesday June 5, Time  10:00pm
Ramadan 29, 30mi raat, Tuesday June 12, Time 8:00 pm
Ramadan 30, Eid ni raat, Wednesday June 13, Time 8:00 pm
Shawwal 1, Eid Qutba, Thursday June 14, Time 4:45 am

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