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India - Pune

6 June 2018

This year, with the raza of Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS, Imamat Namaaz during Shehrullah al-Moa'zzam will be regularly held in PUNE again, Inshallah.

Program details for Imamat Namaaz is as follows:

- Zohr/Asr Imamat Namaaz will be held at 1 pm everyday during Shehrullah al Muazzam.

- Maghrib/Isha Imamat Namaaz followed by iftar and niyaz jaman for all everyday during Shehrullah al Muazzam.

All are invited for namaaz and niyaz jaman. Please contact Mulla Shabbirbhai Haidermota on 9371067358 / [email protected] for location, if you wish to attend. An opportunity to freely and openly ask questions will be provided, if any arise.  Venue for Namaaz :  A-607 Whistling Winds, 6th Floor, Survey No.32/7/2, 32/7/6, Pisoli, Pune - 411060.  Directions : if coming from Kondhwa, take a left turn at Khadi Machine Chowk and then the first right inside the lane.