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Syedna Fakhruddin TUS Chehlum 1438H Waaz Excerpt

28 November 2016

On 20th Safar 1438H, Syedna Fakhruddin TUS delivered Chehlum waaz.  Click here to read the highlights from waaz mubarak.  

In this excerpt, Maulana recalled that even today, millions of Shia remember Husain and weep tears. During Chehlum, Karbala takes on a scene similar to Haj where millions flock every year. Maulana did doa that “we prayed salaam, may it reach its destination, jannat ni tekdi. Remembering Husain’s difficulties, all difficulties of this world are pale in comparison, the world itself is pale in comparison, this is the falsafat (philosophy) of matam. We remember Husain in Ashara, then in Chehlum, every Jumoa (Friday), every day.” 

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