Qutbuddin Mola (TUS) is bestowed the 53rd ayat shareefa by Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) at the time of his Haddiyyat

When Syedna Taher Saifuddin Aqa (RA) bestowed haddiyyat upon his son whose name he loved the most (as said by Burhanuddin Mola (RA) in his waaz on 17 Shabaan, 1385H), he bestowed him the alamat of the 53rd Qur’anic ayat in Surat al-Nahl “وما بكم من نعمة فمن الله” (“There is no neʿmat – grace – among you but it is from Allah”). This alamat was bestowed to be used by Qutbuddin Mola (TUS) in all his correspondence as a signatory line to be placed at the top of the letterhead, indicating his high station. 

 The higher-level significance of this ayat shareefa is explained in Dawat texts: “neʿmat” in the ayat refers to the Dai al-Mutlaq, who is the most significant of God’s graces amongst us, for he leads us to the path of najaat and salvation in the time of the seclusion of the Imam. The ayat then reads “The Dai al-Mutlaq who is amongst you has been sent by God (and his Wali the Imam)”. 

 Referring to this most momentous 53rd ayat shareefa that was bestowed by Syedna Taher Saifuddin to Qutbuddin Mola, the 12th son of Syedna Taher Saifuddin, Shehzada Mohammad-ul-Baqir Bhaisaheb Jamaluddin (QR) wrote in a dedication of Kitab al-Azhar which he presented as a gift to Qutbuddin Mola on his Milad: 



 “To the greatest Mola and grandest patrician, who shines in the firmament of religion like the full moon. The trees and plants and stars will bow down in sajda to him. For he has been given [the signature-alamat by Syedna Taher Saifuddin]: “There is no neʿmat – grace – among you but it is from Allah” (Ayat 53 of Surat al-Nahl), Allah ta’ala’s words in His Book, and all His blessings are bestowed on him. The tongues of all God’s servants will say to him Naʿam “Yes!” (in giving the oath of allegiance Misaq). He is Mazoon of the luminous Dawat (al-Dawat-al-Gharra’), Khuzaima bhaisaheb Qutbuddin TUS, my Master. My soul, my heart, my liver are all fida upon him.

From the humblest ghulam of Molana, father of us all, TUS,

Muhammad-ul-Baqir Jamaluddin

29 Rabi’ al-Akhar 1398H [7 April, 1978]”

In this dedication, Shehzada Jamaluddin recognizes the maqam of Qutbuddin Mola as the Mansoos of Burhanuddin Mola, for whom all will do sajda when he becomes Dai, and for whom all will say Naʿam “Yes!” in giving the Misaq to him when he becomes Dai. 

Burhanuddin Mola (RA) sends a letter to Qutbuddin Mola (TUS), in which a senior amil indicates that Qutbuddin Mola (TUS) will be 53rd Dai

Many years ago, during the days of the Mubarak Milads in Rabi-ul-Aakhar of Imam-uz-Zaman (SA), Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa (RA), and his Mazoon and Mansoos Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin Aqa (TUS), Shaikh Mohsin bin Shaikh Hebatullah, a senior amil, wrote a letter to offer mubarakbadi to Qutbuddin Mola. In it he observed that the sum of the dates of all the three Milads – Imam-uz-Zaman on the 4th, Syedna Burhanuddin on the 20th, and Qutbuddin Mola on the 29th – totalled 53. He first presented this letter in the Hazrat Imamiyyah of Burhanuddin Mola. Showing happiness to the sentiments expressed in the letter, particularly of Qutbuddin Mola’s maqam as 53rd Dai, Syedna Burhanuddin then sent the letter to Qutbuddin Mola. 




 “I present the gift of noble bowings and felicitations, whose qualities no listing can do justice to, and sublime greetings, whose perfumed fragrance crushed musk cannot match, and from whose wafting happiness continues to prevail, to the learned and eloquent patriarch, the kind and counselling leader, who, in the SaifiyyaDawat (i.e. Dawat of Syedna Taher Saifuddin) is worthy of all praise, and who is elevated above its rank-holders (hudood), the good, eminent prince, whose title Qutbuddin plainly expresses his qualities. May he always be happy, in a life whose blossoms are fresh and fragrant.

Birth anniversary of the Imam of the Age SA, date 4 (Rabi-ul-Aakhar, 4th month of Islamic calendar)   =   21st Imam SA

Birth anniversary of the Dai of the Age SA, date 20 (Rabi-ul-Aakhar, 4th month of Islamic calendar)  =   52nd Dai TUS

Birth anniversary of my master the Mazoon TUS, date 29 (Rabi-ul-Aakhar, 4th month of Islamic calendar)

[Total of 4+20+29 =]        53


[On the envelope:]

In the exalted Imam-like presence (of the Dai), May Allah continue its blessings (towards us).

Congratulations for the blessed birthday.

My master Mazoon Saheb, May (Allah) continue his shadow (upon us).

From the lowest of the servants of our Syedna, May God prolong his life,

Mohsin Shaikh Hebatullah”