We are pleased to present in this issue a short video summary of the 100th Milad ziafat hosted by Syedna Qutbuddin TUS.  On the occasion of his 100th milad, Syedna Burhanuddin granted Syedna Qutbuddin the honour of hosting the only individual ziyafat in Saify Mahal. Syedna Qutbuddin presented shukur najwa and a 100 verse qasida written in Arabic in praise of Syedna. He also presented Syedna Burhanuddin with a silver plaque on which Surat ul-Hamd was inscribed in Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s handwriting. In this ziyafat Syedna Burhanuddin did doa for Syedna Qutbuddin, “khuda ghani barakat aapay – ghani barakat aapay, duniya aney aakherat ma sa’aadat aapay…”