1438H Hijri Calendar

The complete Misri Calendar for 1438H has been uploaded

1438H Wajebaat

Like prayer, fasting, and hajj, zakaat is one of the seven da’a’im, or foundational pillars, of the Shari’at of Islam. Click the sections below (or view the PDF above) to read more details about these different aspects of zakaat.


These bayaans include broadly pearls of knowledge and wisdom, advice and hidaayat, and noha of Imam Husain.


This “Nazaraat” section was inaugurated on the Milad of Syedna Burhanuddin (1435H) to present Aqa Taher RA and Aqa Burhanuddin RA’s shafaqat and ne’mats on Syedna Qutbuddin TUS and his family. Khuda Ta’ala bewe waliyyun-nemat Aqa Taher RA ane Aqa Burhanuddin RA ne afdalul jaza aape fi Jannat-il-Firdaws.

Evidence of Nass

This section provides evidence supporting the rightful succession. Syedna Muhammad BurhanuddinTUS declared Nass on Syedi Mazoon Saheb Khuzaima bhaisaheb QutbuddinTUS at the same time that he made him Mazoon 50 years ago. Syedi Mazoon Saheb is Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s true Mansoos.


FAQ topics currently published include frequently asked questions about Roza, Namaaz and Wuzu, Commonly asked questions about Nass, and also the Nass Q&A Video Series by Shz Dr Husain Bhaisaheb

Ashara 1438H

This is the Fatemi Dawat 1438H Ashara Mubaraka page. Inshallah all Ashara relevant material including broadcast links, waaz summaries, waaz video excerpts, photos, program details etc. will be updated here daily.


16 February 2015