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This section provides a collection of the main articles published in Sijill that provide a contemporary context to various historical anecdotes, traditions, and religious miqaats.

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175) A Dai’s Do’a

16 June 2017

In recent sabaqs in Shehrullah, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS emphasized the importance of doa. Syedna recounted that Mohammed ul Baqir Imam SA said that doa after a farizat namaaz is greater in merit than tatawwu’ namaaz (e.g. sunnat, nafilat). Syedna also quoted an anecdote when Ja’far us Sadiq Imam SA was asked which of the actions of two individuals in a masjid is better: the one who spends more time reciting Qur’an Majeed or the one who spends more time beseeching doa? Imam SA replied both are good and meritorious. When pressed for a definitive answer, Imam SA replied that doa is more meritorious. Syedna Fakhruddin emphasized that no Mumin’s doa is unheard. Such is the value of a Mumin’s doa that even if it is in Allah Ta’ala’s hikmat to delay the answer, it will be answered – and if not here in this world, then the answer will be given in the Hereafter.