Shehrullah 17mi raat, 19mi raat, 21mi raat

8 June 2017

On the auspicious occasion of these layali fazela, Mumineen are advised to do the following amal:

  1. Pray Maghrib Isha Namaaz with Sunnat and Naafelat.
    • Maghrib Sunnat - 3 salaams after faraz and 1 salaam for ‘daf’il aafaat’
    • Isha Sunnat - 2 salaams before faraz
    • Isha Nafilat - 2 salaams after faraz
  2. Pray 24 rak’at washeq namaaz (i.e. 12 salaam) with charhti surat (i.e Nas, Falak). Click here to view PDF of washeq niyyat and doa.
  3. Pray Sajada Wajhi DoaClick here to view PDF of Doa.
  4. Listen to wasila mubarak.  Syedna Taher Fakhruddin Aqa TUS has graciously given raza for wasila mubaraka recording of  Syedna TUS from 1437H to be published. Mumineen listening to the wasila mubaraka should observe the appropriate adab (etiquette) of attending in person even when listening to recording. Click play below to listen to the wasila mubaraka on 21mi raat.